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One, the general situation of the College

Chengdu industrial Career Technical College is a public full-time full-time Career Technical College hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People's government and the Sichuan provincial education department. There are 958 teaching staff and more than 1.5 million students in full time education. With the Tianfu campus, campus, campus, school bus in Xindu campus of campus, the main campus campus is located in Sichuan Tianfu Tianfu District Central business core area, covers an area of 500 acres. According to the development orientation of college education, do first-class vocational craftsmen, adhering to the "power" to Derun, and perfect "motto, adhere to the development of secondary vocational education and higher vocational education, academic education and non academic education, vocational education and post education, the implementation of the" rule of law, reform school, the quality of the school legislation, talent strong school "four development strategy, comprehensively promote the collectivize, modernization and internationalization development, innovating the mode of talent training, service regional development, help Chengdu National Center city.

The college, beginning in July 1951, has a long history, deep accumulation and rich experience in running a school. In 2010, the integration of Chengdu Railway Bureau, the City Commission by letter, the Municipal Construction Committee, Shijiaowei departments of the 6 municipal high school (Chengdu railway transportation school, Chengdu Industrial school, Chengdu finance and trade school, Chengdu City, the construction of schools, Chengdu city public traffic occupation school in Chengdu City, the construction of secondary professional school), established in 2013 in Chengdu City, the construction industry occupation technical school, becoming the first country to reform national demonstration vocational schools; in April 2014, the new Chengdu industrial Career Technical College in the original Chengdu city industrial occupation technical school on the basis of.

Two. Conditions for running a school

The teacher has a strong faculty. Sichuan province has 1 people, the government inspector of national teacher 5 people, provinces and cities, 6 special teachers municipal backbone of 56 teachers, professors, more than 243 yuan degree (degree) of 155 people, has opened in Chengdu city led the principals studio, studio teacher 5.

Specialty setting science. According to the Chengdu industrial development plan, 7 major clusters of equipment manufacturing, rail transportation and automobile engineering are constructed with "industry + professional cluster". The creation of industrial robot, railway vehicles, city rail transit operation management and other 19 professional in higher vocational level, high skill talents training class during the urgent need for the development of regional economy; creation of electromechanical integration, vehicle inspection and maintenance, CNC, computerized accounting professional in vocational level, training of qualified workers and enterprise work specialized personnel.

The training conditions are first class. The college now has a professional automotive engineering, rail transportation and other 7 integrated training base, including the occupation training center, training center, Austria Benz Wiesbaden Germany Chengdu international standard welding training center, senior training room 114 (Center), a total area of more than 40 thousand square meters, equipment worth 150 million yuan, the station number more than 7 thousand. Can also carry out hundreds of occupation skill training.

Deep integration of production and education. With DHL, Chinese Zhongche group, Chengdu metro, Hangli railway limited liability company, two bureau, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC, Volvo factory in Chengdu, Chengdu Aircraft Industry Co., Chinese Power Construction Group (Chengdu iron tower factory), Singapore Baoligen (Chengdu) mold company, automobile, Geely Group in Chengdu plateau Chengdu Flextronics Corp more than 200 large enterprises, multinational enterprises have established good relations of cooperation, to carry out in-depth cooperation in the professional construction and teaching standards, scientific research, students internships and employment, social culture for hundreds of thousands of technicians.

Three. Characteristics of school running

Production and learning docking, the implementation of the "one garden and one courtyard". We should give full play to the leading role of the leading school in the group - oriented school running. As the leading school of the "3+N" group, the leading, radiant and exemplary role of the lead school in the development of vocational education is fully played.

There are 111 enterprises in the group, 98 enterprises, 72 schools and more than 5.1 million students

The sharing of high quality vocational education resources has realized the effective docking of vocational education and market demand. Innovation "industry chain oriented cluster personnel training model". The establishment of specialized industrial clusters corresponding cluster dynamic adjustment mechanism based on industry chain oriented cluster, training talent, talent training and effective solution to the industry does not match the demand, talent structure and industrial development issue of Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, selected comprehensive reform and innovation experience matters. Go into the industrial park and implement the "one yuan and one courtyard". In cooperation with the three representatives of Pujiang County People's government and Shanghai Representative Office of German industrial and commercial conference, the equipment manufacturing branch was established in Sino German (Pujiang) SME Cooperation Park (Germany hardware town). At the same time, the college has set up a branch of automobile engineering and an aviation branch in cooperation with the Chengdu, Longquan and Jintang county governments.
Relying on the master of skill to cultivate "the spirit of the craftsman". Inherit master skill with modern apprenticeship. Chengdu Hangli group (China PLA 5719th factory) civil military integration, the establishment of Zhang Yongguang studio master skills in college, combined with the cultivation of high skilled talents of precision grinding technology. The construction of the campus culture, which takes the inheritance of industrial culture as the main line. In the "Derun technology perfect" motto under the guidance of the construction of open "three Hall area" (Industrial Museum, history museum, library industry branch and the industrial civilization experience area) and "the Sichuan province culture industry social science popularization base", the college became the important carrier and an important place to learn and spread to the culture industry the inheritance of industrial civilization. Carry out the characteristic model of "culture educating people". We should cultivate and carry forward the core values of socialism and cultivate excellent school style, teaching style and study style. Based on the characteristics of college industry culture, we must adhere to the industrial culture, enter the campus and industry culture, enter the Department and corporate culture into the class, cultivate students' professionalism and professionalism, and form a training system of professionalism and industrial civilization.

Construction of Sino German cooperation platform to build a "new engine" for talent training. We should establish a long-term cooperative mechanism for training talents. To promote the "4 German industry" and "Chengdu 2025" full integration of College as "German (Sichuan Chengdu) innovation industrial cooperation occupation education platform construction lead unit, building a" platform + park "," government + Organization + enterprise "open sharing mode of cooperation," District Three "and the function of policy coverage the development of regional industry skilled personnel to provide technical support. Construction of the Sino German (Sichuan Chengdu) cross enterprise training center. College and Tongji University jointly established "China (Sichuan Chengdu) cross enterprise training center" docking "a park district three" and the function of policy coverage personnel needs, including industrial construction technology, 4 new energy automotive technology in 30 more than two training centers, to carry out in-depth research cooperation. Localization of the "dual system" talent training model in Germany. Based on the practice of regional key industries, key parks and key enterprises, we explore a talent training mode based on "dual system" in Germany, and train high-end skilled talents with international vision and international capabilities. In recent years, the Institute has trained over 500 technical talents for many enterprises including Volkswagen, more than 30 teachers, and more than 30 teachers have obtained international vocational qualification / trainer certificates, and more than 300 students have obtained international vocational qualification certificates.

Institute for advanced units, the national occupation education of national key vocational education teachers training base, training base, the first national logistics talents of China auto industry backbone occupation education school, Changfeng mode of accounting professional national free, the first batch of pilot colleges in Sichuan province postdoctoral innovation base, Sichuan province culture industry base, Chengdu City, humanities and social science popularization internationalization model Chengdu city window school, the introduction of foreign intelligence achievement demonstration unit, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, international talent training base, Sino German innovation industry Cooperation Association vice president of units (the only one in Sichuan Province, Chengdu Industrial Vocational College) Talent Association executive president of the unit, Chengdu City Industrial Training base.

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